The DIYer/Jack of All Trades: An Entrepreneurial Profile

We love entrepreneurs because they’re a breed of their own. Driven, courageous, self-sufficient – sometimes downright crazy. There’s never a dull moment. No two business owners are quite the same, and each entrepreneurial journey is uniquely reflective of its own brand.

Today’s featured profile: the DIYer/Jack of All Trades.

DIYers are go-getters. They’re the self-sufficient business owners who don’t believe in outsourcing, but instead take on all aspects of the business themselves. Maybe their budget is strapped and they can’t afford to bring in the help. Or maybe they have difficulty trusting someone else to take the reins – their business is their baby, after all.

Sound familiar? You’re probably a DIYer if you consider yourself a “control freak”. In your mind, no one can understand the intricacies of your business better than you, and no one can do can the work better. Right? … Maybe.

We love the confidence, and we love the guts. We would simply ask all our Jack of All Trades friends to consider the balance of being a business owner. Being a solopreneur (in the true sense of the word) means wearing all the hats – doing all the things – from being a marketer, accountant, sales(wo)man, social media specialist – and of course, an expert of your trade. If you do choose to go it alone, there’s a potential for burnout, and certainly a challenge sustaining your business if work starts piling up.

The reality is that someone else may actually be able perform better in certain aspects of your business than you. You might be a kick-ass marketer and your advertising strategy is down pat, but maybe bookkeeping is a bit of a weak link. And if you’re spending too much time on that piece of your business, you could be losing out on gaining new clients and actually doing the work that runs your business. Efficiency is everything.

Doing it yourself can only get you so far, friends. At some point, you simply need to ask for help, because being a business owner doesn’t really mean going it alone.

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Alanna Hogan
DARCI Creative
Copywriter & Executive Assistant, Social Media Manager


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