Do you have an elevator pitch for your small business?

It may seem like a silly question, but do you have an elevator pitch for your small business? Defined as a succinct and persuasive sales pitch, an elevator pitch is definitely something you should have in your toolbox. You never know when opportunity will knock and it’s best to be prepared.

So…. How would you define your business in a concise yet compelling introduction that can be shared in the short amount of time that it takes to ride the elevator to your office? (okay, so maybe you don’t ride an elevator…but you get the point!)

Having the ability to communicate who you are and what you do quickly and effectively will enable you to confidently get the most important ideas across in your short conversation. Stumbling on your words will take away from your professionalism. And remember, our attention spans are very short, so it’s best to get to the point!

The best way to start is to write it down. Put pen to paper. Make a list of the most important messages you want to relay about your business. Is there a unique service you provide? Do you have a specific area of expertise? What sets you apart from the rest? Write it all down.

Your list may be long, and that’s okay. The next step is to organize it. Maybe re-write it in order of importance. Now that you’re a little more organized, see if you can put what you’ve written down into a few short sentences. Then read it out loud. Does it make sense? Is your message clear? Are you getting the right points across?

Finally, practice your elevator pitch on everyone and anyone who will listen – friends, family, the dog – it doesn’t matter, just practice it enough that it becomes natural. Like second-nature. Giving someone your elevator pitch is an opportunity to spread the word and possibly gain new business. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make sure you’ve practiced enough that you sound confident and authentic.

Now that you’ve nailed your elevator pitch, get out there and use it! Whether it’s at a networking event or a board meeting or maybe it’s during one of your kids’ soccer game or while you’re out at a bar, it doesn’t matter where or when. Just give it a try!


Pam Oulundsen
DARCI Creative
Project Manager & Data Analyst