How To Avoid A Summer Marketing Slump

It’s vacation season! For some small businesses that means you’re about to hit your busy season, while others may be headed for a summer slow-down. If that sounds like you, we’re here to offer up some tips to avoid a summer marketing slump. Take advantage of this time to set yourself up for real success later in the year when you’re busy again.

The worst thing you can do is to do nothing at all. While business may be quiet, it’s still super important that you continue to stay top of mind to your audience. Remember, consistency is key. Just because your audience is on vacation, it doesn’t mean that your business should go on vacation too. Use these strategies below and you’re sure to beat the summer downtrend!

#1 Keep In Touch: Social Media is a fantastic tool when it comes to keeping in touch with your audience in the off-season. And trust us when we tell you that your customers are still perusing social media, even on vacation. Utilize fun strategies to stay in front of your followers. Create a contest, or a poll on Facebook and/or Instagram. Share relevant content, fun facts, special promotions and tips and tricks related to your products or services are always a good idea. Help promote local events and happenings that you think your followers may be interested in. For example, if you’re a ski shop, help promote events and happenings at local ski resorts in the off-season. Community over competition is always a win.

#2 Write Something Relevant: Whether you choose to write a blog or share your thoughts in an email newsletter, by all means, please be sure to write about something useful and relevant. The idea here is to provide some value. Don’t write something fluffy just so you can say you did it. Think about what your clients need and want from you. Now is the time to consider your customer needs and share how you provide the solution. Spend these slower months building their trust in you by responding to their needs. For example, back to our friends at the ski shop, if during the busy season your ski customers continue to ask if they really need to get their skis tuned every year, respond in the off-season with an information packed blog or email about the benefits of tuning. Then offer a discount for them to come in and get it done early.

#3 Ask For Reviews: Customer reviews and testimonials are the golden ticket. Think about how often you ask a friend for a referral, whether you’re looking for someone to help with your landscape, a new dentist or a great place to eat on the seacoast, to name just a few. We start with our friends and neighbors and then most likely follow it up with an online search. A business with lots of 5-star reviews and great testimonials will surely get more business than those who don’t. So, use your off-season to gather and post reviews and testimonials.

#4 Get Creative: Now is the time to think outside the box and maybe even try something new! Is there a target audience you’ve been trying to tap into? A small niche that will open up some doors for you. Create a campaign just for them. Offer some great sales promotions that get people to engage with you.

#5 Plan For The Future: You know that busier times are ahead, so why not spend these lazy days of summer planning, writing and scheduling your marketing content for the next half of the year. Create your content calendar so you know how to plan for what’s ahead. Go ahead and create and schedule those posts, blogs and email blasts while you have a clear head and sound mind to do it! You will be so happy that you did once busy season hits.

We all love to enjoy the dog days of summer. Just remember a little planning goes a long way.


Pam Oulundsen
DARCI Creative
Project Manager & Data Analyst