Maggie Sutherland: The Story of Seacoast Lately

I never planned on starting a business. It just kind of… happened.

Here’s what I know: many parts of my life have come together to create a career I never imagined, and I’ve never been more clear about anything than where I am right here and now.

For those of us who are just meeting, I’ll give you a brief introduction. My name is Maggie Sutherland and I am a New Hampshire native and Seacoast enthusiast.

In college, I studied studio art and business. From the time I started until a year after I graduated, I held seven unpaid internships. If you know the movie The Devil Wears Prada, picture me as Anne Hathaway. I thought I wanted to be in fashion in New York City. Turns out, I fell head over heels for influencer marketing after experiencing the collaboration and rewards that come from blogging and social media marketing. With a newfound passion, and a longing to be back with my family and community on the Seacoast. Seacoast Lately was born!

So what exactly IS Seacoast Lately, anyway? In a nutshell, it’s a curated lifestyle resource for Seacoast locals and tourists. Through social media platforms, a website and a weekly newsletter, we gather and share what is hip, happening, new and noteworthy across the area, from Kennebunkport, Maine to Hampton, New Hampshire. I like to describe it as a modern chamber of commerce meets local newspaper that covers multiple towns all in one source.

In creating Seacoast Lately, I wanted to offer a resource where people could learn, be informed, smile, and appreciate the Seacoast on a deeper level. Where inspiration can thrive and New England enthusiasts can gather. I try to curate all Seacoast Lately content as fun, inviting, and happy – qualities that are so important to me. I think it helps my business stand out.

When someone e-mails me to say, “I tried this new fitness studio after reading about it in your newsletter this week!” or someone approaches me at a cafe and says, “Hey, I’m trying this drink because you posted it on Instagram!” – those are the moments that bring me the greatest joy. I think it brings others joy too, learning about local businesses and products in their community, while being inspired by the stunning scenery that surrounds us every day.

Two years since pressing ‘send’ on my very first newsletter, Seacoast Lately is growing every day! I couldn’t be happier than to wake up every morning to do the work I love.


Maggie Sutherland
Seacoast Lately


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Maggie is on her A game when it comes to social media, and she portrays the Seacoast beautifully. We love watching this young entrepreneur blossom – as she says, ‘Let’s root for each other and watch each other grow!’ Be sure to check her out on Instagram and Facebook to see what she’s up to these days. And stay tuned… Maggie will be guest blogging for us again!