The Wantrepreneur: An Entrepreneurial Profile

We love entrepreneurs because they’re a breed of their own. Driven, courageous, self-sufficient – sometimes downright crazy. There’s never a dull moment. No two business owners are quite the same, and each entrepreneurial journey is uniquely reflective of its own brand.

Today’s featured profile: the Wantrepreneur.

Wantrepreneurs are dreamers. They’re not yet a true entrepreneur, but they aspire to be one. Maybe they have an idea for a new business venture to launch, or maybe they haven’t quite settled on an idea but crave the freedom and the flexibility that comes with entrepreneurship.

You’re probably a wantrepreneur if you consider yourself a side hustler, building a business on nights and weekends while killing it at your 9-5 day job. You’re a perfectionist – a procrastinator, even – not sure if you’re quite ready to take that leap of faith. Maybe you’re in limbo, waiting for the funds and resources that you need to lift your business off the ground. Or better yet, you have the resources, the bright idea that sparked this all in the first place, and the motivation you need to take that step from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur – you just need to put in the hours to get there.

Whatever stage you may be in, we give all our wantrepreneur friends kudos. Starting a business is no easy task, and we’ve been in the same place you are now.

Our advice for the wantrepreneur? Write down your goals and the steps you need to take to get there. Don’t overthink it, and don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone. That’s where the magic happens, after all.

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Enjoy this post? Stay tuned for future entrepreneurial profiles! Whoever you are and whatever your ‘type’ may be, we want to shine a light on the beautiful chaos: the ups, the downs and the laughably relatable parts of being a business owner. Tell us in the comments below what kind of entrepreneur you are!

Alanna Hogan
DARCI Creative
Copywriter & Executive Assistant, Social Media Manager