A Young Entrepreneur’s Perspective on Small Biz

Just because you’re young, doesn’t mean you can’t get it done.

I recently met with a successful businessman who was looking to me for a referral for hire. And he said something that stayed with me.

“I don’t want to hire someone with ’20 years of opinion’, if you know what I mean.”

That hit me. Gone are the days of only hiring folks who have double-digit years of experience. Today more than ever before, I believe we are recognizing the immense value in the younger generation and their unique perspective on this whole digital thing.

I was 24 years old when I decided to go out on my own in business. To enter into the entrepreneurial world. I knew I had talent that I wasn’t using – and I wanted to be using it. I wanted to serve my community and I didn’t believe I should wait until I had a mid-life crisis to finally decide that I want to be doing what I love. Life is simply too short.

So let’s do it now, especially now. Life doesn’t become less complicated as we age – we don’t have fewer children, buy fewer houses, have fewer divorces, acquire less debt, etc. The responsibilities typically don’t lessen; the barriers typically don’t let up. If anything, being young is the BEST time to enter the entrepreneurial world.

It’s waiting for you. I encourage you not to wait for it.

I don’t know if these words would have held true 40-something years ago. Extensive work experience used to be what you could lean on, what would lend yourself credibility as an entrepreneur. Today, if you’re under 35 and rocking it out as a small business owner, that is valued in and of itself. I would even argue that the younger you are, the more valuable you are.

The belief that youth doesn’t equate enough experience is a doubt to be cast away. You have a lot more knowledge in social media, marketing and advertising in the digital age as it applies to the current state than your 60-year-old coworkers. The world we live in is very different than what they were taught regarding these topics.

I say this all out of love. It may sound a little harsh, but I do think it is true and important in today’s day and age.

Okay, so how do we enter into this world? How does one become known for their genius, whatever that may be?

My advice: start a passion project. Start a community and make connections with those who share your passions. This is your secret networking tool that will ultimately make your passion profitable. As you’re doing this, work on strengthening your own marketing and advertising plan. Embrace the digital age. Be consistent with your messaging and speak to the ways in which you solve others’ problems, making their lives a little easier.

So what are you waiting for? A sign? This is it, my friend. You are ready.

Raya Al-Hashmi
Business Brand Photographer, Raya On Assignment
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Raya is a rockstar entrepreneur and a master behind the lens. We think she’s killing it in her business, and we’re delighted to have her as a guest blogger for the Muffington Post! Be sure to check her out on Instagram and Facebook to see what she’s up to these days. And stay tuned… Raya will be guest blogging for us again!